Development projects


Kiki Agri specialises in Poultry related Development Projects, across the African Continent   Offering Agri Job Creation, Empowerment and Sustainable Food Security Solutions

Small Scale and Emerging Farmers

How to farm Profitable. Scalable

Back Yard Farmers

Sustainable Food Security

Feeding Programs

Refugee Food Solutions, Sustainable

Kiki Agri is proud to present the 'state of the art' EGGY8
ONE HOME ONE GARDEN…Brilliant Development Project, Western Cape Province (South Africa)

The Kiki Agri FAST FOOD team offers:

Housing is also fully Customisable with Branding

Easy to follow system, Easy to train and support. In English, French, Portuguese

Record keeping, critical process but made very easy to use. REAL TIME Management reporting

Fully equip the Farmer to understand and implement these vital components of his or her Agribusiness. Objective = Profitability!

Kiki Agri houses are complete with Solar and Gas, providing off the Grid Solutions
Digital Management Reporting, Support to the Farmer (App in development)
Full Circle Economy Plug and Play possibilities with Tailor Made Solutions
Poultry Abattoirs and Processing
Black Soldier Fly Larvae to supplement Chicken Feed, Waste Management

NKOKO and EGGY Houses and equipment:

  • Easy to ship, Flat packed
  • Assembly within 40 minutes
  • Everything South African made
  • 10-15 Year Life Expectancy on Product
  • Easy to relocate to new sites

Kiki Agri is a Proud Member of the African Development Corporation (Agri4Africa)

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